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Game Description

Basket random unblocked is a fun basketball game for 2 players with amazing pixel-style graphics. Play an exciting street ball game with your friends in this fun ambient game. Just like a professional basketball player, just jump and throw the ball into the opponent's hoop.

The goal of the game is no different from the basketball we know. If your computer, which we call artificial intelligence, is a 2-player, two-player option, if you choose 1, there are options to play with 2 players and 1 game, so you can play the same keyboard in advance with any friend or brother. Basketball random unblocked is a game that can be played in full screen.

How to Play Basket Random?

In Basketball random game, when the game starts, there are a total of 4 characters, including 2 characters of the opposite side and 2 characters of you. At the beginning of the game, your characters start making back and forth movements to throw the basket ball into the pots in the game.

With these movements, you give direction to your character by jumping from the direction keys on your keyboard with the up-facing key. As soon as your character's hand touches the ball, the ball is already automatically in his hands. If you want to throw the ball in your hand into the opposite pot, your cursor (mouse) comes into play here. When your character bounces with the ball in his hand, he throws the ball towards the place where your cursor is looking. The first person to score 5 points in a round wins.

in the 2-player option, one of the players plays the game with the W and the other with the ARROW keys. Basket random 2 player games, the cursor does not matter in the 2-player option, the characters automatically send the ball to the opposite pot, this avoids mechanical disputes and ensures a more comfortable game in the 2-player option.

Basketball Random Game Modes:

Icy map: The characters on the icy map will slide during the movement, which will make the game difficult.

Small hand: Your hand is smaller than usual, which makes it difficult for you to catch the ball.

Big hand: Your hand is bigger than usual, which makes it harder for you to catch the ball and increases competition.

Big head and small head: Your head is larger and smaller than usual.

Basket random google sites, very popular. These people in the game love to play basketball in all kinds of adverse conditions. Sometimes you will be on an icy ground, sometimes on a beach site... Although the balls, players and goals change, the goal is to score 5 baskets and win the game! Join them in a two-on-two game in the Basketball Random game.

Simply put, guide your players as they jump and try to keep the ball in your hands as much as possible and throw it into the pot by jumping at the appropriate time. you can also play with your friends with the 2-player game option. This is a nice and fun game, I'm sure you will love it.

On hot summer days and snowy afternoons, you will try to hit and slam dunk the heads of your opponents. In this fun and interesting basketball game, you may also find yourself playing with a ball with shrunken heads or made of steel!

Who Developed Basket Random?

The basket is randomly designed by b10b.

You can play the game on mobile devices or tablets with touch controls. Have fun.

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